Boyfriend Broke Up Because Of My Sexual Past?

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, my boyfriend broke up with me two nights ago. It's all because he can't accept my sexual past. I'd admit that I've had many partners (but don't worry, it's below 10), but I didn't regret anything about it; in fact, I was single when I did it. We met when I was ready to stop being so promiscuous; it was about three years ago. He was aware the I was a few partners and that I previously slept with his friend. I love him, but I don't think the relationship will last. 

Please help. I don't know what to do? 

I'm sorry, but I think you are right in thinking the relationship will not last. There are a few things to consider here. You mentioned that your boyfriend had expressed concerns about your sexual past and your involvement with his best friend. It sounds like overall; your history is a mental block for him; this means it's something he will and has found it hard to get over. 

The reality is we all have a past. What matters most is who you are today and how you feel about you. Sometimes we meet people who understand that our life journey doesn't always have a perfect beginning, but the vital thing to consider is who you are today and who you desire to be tomorrow. When you meet someone that wants to hold control of you and make you a prisoner to your past, you must stand up for the person you are today. 

It took bravery and strength for you to become the woman you are today, and It's time for you to stand up for want you deserve and the woman you've grown to be. You've done something in your past that you are not proud of, but you should not spend the rest of your life feeling guilty about it. 

Let him go. He doesn't deserve you. Find someone who will love you for you, not just a part of you but all of you. 

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