Found Another Woman’s Panties in my Boyfriends Drawer

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, I have been dating my boyfriend for six months. I went into his dresser drawer to get a t-shirt and found a pair of used women's panties that did not belong to me. I brought him to the drawer and asked him about the panties. He said they belonged to his old girlfriend from about a year ago. Then he asked if I kept any mementos or if he should throw them away. My answer was no. Later, as I was leaving, he told me he threw them away. I am concerned about why he kept them at all. I do not think he is cheating. I was just wondering what this means? Do guys keep stuff like panties?
It is pretty standard for people to keep mementos to remind them of happier times with their Ex. However, it is less common and odd to save a pair of underwear as a memento.
Let's take an in-depth look; how likely are you to hold on to a pair of used boxers of my ex? Maybe keeping them on accident but then surely getting rid of them when a new guy comes into the picture. I think we all can say that we've saved old ticket stubs, photos, and even a teddy bear or two. It is common to keep some little reminders if you ended on friendly terms, but putting them away is respectful when you have a new partner.
It is not acceptable in my book to keep a pair of underwear from an Ex, and it appears you have the same sentiment.
Here is the other thing to give some thought. The guy you are dating appears to find it perfectly acceptable to save a pair of used underwear belonging to his Ex. This decision is directly tied to his morals and values and how he approaches making decisions; if he feels comfortable with his choice. The bigger question to ask is, how do your morals and values alight with his beliefs overall?
If he decided to keep used undergarments from his Ex, you two are likely to have more significant issues down the road.

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