He Hasn’t Responded to My Message. I’m Annoyed Why Is He Acting Like This

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, My Ex and I split up a few weeks ago, his decision. We didn't talk for a while, but we now text a few days a week. But I don't get his behavior. he takes 1-3 days to reply. I am annoyed right now. He texts me Thursday morning after work and asked me how my job was going, etc. Then, he told me all about what's going on with him. I text back Thursday night, and he hasn't opened my message. He has been online every day since but hasn't opened it. I am so annoyed and confused.  I don't understand why he would initiate a conversation, open up to me about his troubles and not even open the message. WTF.  

Any advice on this and what I should do is appreciated. 

One of the most important things you can do when a relationship ends is to allow yourself time to detox from the relationship. A relationship detox is essential because it will enable you to release the identity you once had while in the relationship and create a new identity now that you are single. 

Once you have completely detoxed from the relationship, it is possible to establish a friendship with your Ex. In our experience, most women no longer see a need to continue the relationship after completing their healing journey. 

However, if you desire to continue with a friendship, you must set clear boundaries. Limitations are essential because they will help establish the role you now play in each other's lives, and they will limit or eliminate any misunderstanding.  

To answer your question. Your Ex has changed how he prioritizes you, and his behavior shows there is a lack of respect for you. The harsh reality is his behavior will not change until you teach him how to treat you. If you are unhappy with the way he is treating you - now is the time to set clear boundaries. Most important, now is the time to detach from the relationship and start your healing journey by giving yourself time to detox from the connection. A relationship detox will allow you time to learn, grow, and heal before allowing him or anyone else back into your life.  

You two are no longer together. The obligation and commitment to each other is over. 

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