He Says He is Not Cheating But Locks His Phone So I Can't Get In

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, my husband locks his phone all the time or HIDES it as soon as I get to know the password. I asked him why, and he said none of his friends share passwords to their phone with their partners. He feels everyone should have privacy with their phone. 

Could he be cheating? 

Many people lock their phones to protect their phones and the things stored on the phone. Sometimes this is to protect the phone itself and personal information like banking information, and other times, it could be to protect the call/text history.  

It sounds like your gut is telling you there is something more to the story. If this is the case, instead of focusing on his phone, observe the way he acts. Does he disappear a lot? If your husband's actions indicate something might be going on, then I would worry. If it's only a matter of locking his cell phone, maybe you have nothing to worry about. 

When you're in a genuinely loving and secure relationship, there should be no reason to care or be concerned that your partner locks his phone. However, if he locks his phone and disappears often, his behavior has changed overall, and he is super sensitive about his phone - this may be a cause for concern 

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  • The question is has he always locked his phone even when dating him? On the other hand, he may not be doing anything but if he disappears or when you pick up the phone acts on edge then I would
    suspect something. Pray to God to direct your thoughts and if anything is going on to reveal it.


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