How do I get unstuck?

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, this year, I've felt less inspired. I haven't been able to accomplish anything, and I feel less inspired. I want to be successful, be it's been so hard pulling myself out of this funk. I know that I can win, but what do I do. 

How do I get unstuck so that I can accomplish something? 

Create an identity "Me 2.0", and go out of your way to do nice things for them. This is the most straightforward form of self-care I've found. 

This motivates me like nothing else. When I am NOT in the mood for something (e.g., greeting dressed, reading, working on something important), I think "do it for Me 2.0," and it works every time. It is also inspiring to "be your hero!". 

Later on, when you succeed because you were able to follow through, PLEASE PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Just a "thanks, Past Me!" goes such a long way  

You will be stuck with yourself for the remainder of your existence. Be your best mate. 

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