Is a cheater a cheater forever?

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, I have been with my fiancé for ten years, and he recently cheated on me. He wants to fix the relationship and get married, but I am nervous about giving him another chance. What is the possibility he will cheat on me again? 
When it comes to the matter of cheating, things can be pretty complicated. The most important thing is figuring out the cause of the affair. There are some situations when people have a life event, such as a mental health crisis, that may trigger cheating.  
Then there are other times when a person devalues the relationship. They begin to cheat, and on occasion, some will start a new relationship while in a relationship with you. Cheating, to this extent, will significantly change the dynamic of your relationship. 
Ultimately you will feel damaged and emotionally broken. Picking up the pieces will be complicated; however, healing is possible if you both are committed to doing the work. The most important part is determining if your partner is remorseful and understanding the events that led up to the decision to cheat. 
To answer your question, "Is a cheater a cheater forever." 
The answer is once they are cheater, there is a strong possibility they will do it again. 

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