Should I hang in there or move on?

Dear Heartbreak Clinic
I've been seeing this recently divorced man who was married 29 years.
He says he doesn't want a relationship, but we have seen each other five months, and we talk daily. He never asks me out. I always set plan our dates. He has asked me several times, and lots of times, it's just with each other, not sexual; we are very attracted to each other and have a great time together. At first, he said he needed to date others. He went out on one date and called me after and said it was terrible. He hasn't dated anyone else. In the beginning, he called me his girlfriend; then I think he freaked out.

My question is: should I hang in there? Or move on?

It can be tough jumping back into the dating scene when you are newly divorced. When a relationship comes to an end, both parties need time to decompress. Walking away may feel like a breath of fresh air initially, but the new reality will set in at some point, and the mental and emotional baggage will show up. Healing takes time, but it is possible. With proper care, he will be able to unpack his feelings and be better prepared to open up to his heart to love again, but first, he must find peace within himself.

To answer your question, "should I hang in there" This is up to you, but here is something you should know. When a man tells you he is not ready for a relationship, you must accept this as his truth. Continuing a relationship with a man who has expressed that he is not prepared or doesn't want a relationship is a disaster formula. Sometimes we want a relationship, and we settle for someone who does not want a relationship because we believe we can change their mind.

The reality is the person you choose when you are broken may not be the same person you want when you are healed. I recommend giving him time and space to heal before moving forward correctly. The person he needs/wants as a broken man may not be the person he needs/wants as a healed man.... move on with your life

What he needs right now is a friendship, as his heart is not ready for a relationship.

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