Sometimes I'm afraid I'm not going to get in a relationship because I want a relationship so bad

Dear Heartbreak Clinic, I want to get into a relationship. I think it would be so amazing, but the thing is that sometimes I worry that it's going to take a lot of time for me to get into one. I've had issues with my body image my entire life to get insecure about it. I know exactly what kind of relationship I want, but I have no idea when it will happen, which sucks because I have this whole idea in my head. 

I've been there, and I've learned through my personal experience What you are looking for, you must find within yourself.   

Sometimes we can seek in others what we lack in ourselves. An example of this will be if you are in a place where you have not learned to love and accept you as you are, including the imperfection, you may desire a relationship. You may want a relationship because being with some else will give you a sense of acceptance, approval, or validation. This may temporarily calm the feelings of insecurity; however, those feelings will eventually resurface. 

If you desire a great relationship, the first step is having a great relationship with yourself and learning to love and accept every inch of your being. When you become what you are looking for, you will attach what you desire. 

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