5 Reasons you must quit chasing them immediately

We've all been there, that one day you meet someone who knocks you off of your feet. They look just like the one in your dreams, so perfect that you can't help but imagine how life would be if they were your special person. Only there is a catch; they don't seem to feel the same way about you.   

While the thrill of the chase is stimulating, all this can eventually feel like torture, and it is never worth it. You will pursue them, drive yourself crazy, and still, they won't give you the same time attention and focus in return. I know just what you are about to say; it's the 21st century, and women too can make the first move. Yes, that's all true, but practically begging them to show you some love? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that's a big No!   

Sometimes it's almost impossible to resist the temptation of trying a little harder to capture their attention. Probably tempted even to use everything you have in your love arsenal and unleash the best parts of you. In case you are wondering why? Read on to find out.  

They are Not into You 

If you ever find yourself having to pursue them, then they probably are not into you. Forgive me if that sounds too harsh, but it's just the truth. Generally, you don't have to woo them for them to like you. If they like you, they will be direct about it.   

Even if they don't say 'I love you' to your face, they will be straight forward with you. You will quickly be able to tell that they are attracted to you and that they want a romantic relationship. The sad thing is that you can never force them to fall in love with you. With that in mind, if you ever find yourself trying to make someone love you, then you are just wasting your time.    

They Might Never Treat You Like You Deserve  

If you are lucky enough to have chased them and have managed to catch them, you may be feeling relieved and happy. One of the most important things to think about is how long it will last? what point is it if you end up in a relationship where your partner never treats you, right? Well, that's what happens!   

Now that they know how much you want them and you cannot be without them, there is a strong chance they will forever walk on you as if you were a doormat. That's because they know no matter what they do, you will never leave them. Even if you are lucky enough that they don't walk all over you, they won't put you first in the relationship. Everything will be one-sided, and you won't be treated the way you desire to be treated or the way you deserve.     

It Will Have a Huge Toll on Your Self Esteem  

At first, everything might seem like all fun and games. However, eventually, all that chasing will start to drain you. Working so hard to chase someone, then they don't reciprocate your feelings will most likely backfire on you. Even worse, you could take a big hit on your self-esteem and eventually experience heartbreak.   

The fact that you are not able to seal the deal as you expected will only make you lose confidence in your life decisions and yourself. You will continuously keep on asking yourself why you can't seem to do anything right. The massive blow to your ego will make you second guess everything you do.   

Even if you were doing great in your career, you would start to feel like a failure. Once the woman who believed she could run the world, you will begin to doubt your abilities. So, why set yourself up for all the torture when you know that the chances of getting them are zero to none? It's not worth it.    

You Will End Up Losing Yourself in the Process  

The thing with having to chase them is that you end up focusing on them and how you can make them happy. In the process, you end up forgetting about your happiness. It's like you lose your sense of independence, and you will feel trapped in a small box.    

You will end up suffocating in the possibility of finding happiness on your own because your mind becomes somehow convinced that your happiness is tied to them. At that moment, you will end up forgetting the strength you hold within as a woman. You will even start to normalize doing undignified things just to get them to like you.   

That said, stop attaching to them and back off while there's still some pride left in you. Your key to happiness doesn't reside with someone else, but with yourself.    

You Will Be Caught Up on an Emotional Rollercoaster  

Chasing after them will make you spend hours planning how to execute your next 'killer move.' And there are no guarantees that the chase will get easier. There will be lots of ups and downs along the way. Therefore, it can get to you emotionally. Some days it will seem like you finally have hit the nail on the head, only later to realize you read it all wrong.   

You will be torn in between that moment where you are all excited when they respond to your message, and in another moment full of despair when it hits you that the last time you talked was over a week ago. All that can be emotionally exhausting, and that's why you need to get off the rollercoaster now and live your life.  

In Summary  

If you chase after them; it is will never end well, at least it hasn't for most of us. You will be so busy trying to make them like you or even to get their attention that you will forget all about yourself and what you deserve. You will sacrifice so much that if it doesn't work out, you will be so frustrated.   

You will feel defeated, and as if you've wasted your time, probably have missed or even give up opportunities all for what? A person who doesn't want to be with you? Never neglect yourself because of someone else. Put yourself first. Remember your worth and add tax! 

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