7 Ways to Stay Sane in Your Relationship during this Pandemic

This is probably the most challenging time in any relationship. But don't worry! It's normal to feel frustrated in your relationship, especially if you have to spend twenty-four hours together. However, the only way we can curb the spread of COVID-19 is by maintaining social distancing and staying at home.   

With that in mind, aside from struggling with staying together for twenty-four hours a day, you also have to deal with anxiety and stress brought on by the pandemic. It might feel challenging right now, but with a little help, you will learn how to stay together and maintain your sanity. Therefore, here are our top 7 tips on how to stay sane in your relationship during this pandemic period.   

Be patient with each other 

When spending extended amounts of time together, you are likely to get upset over the smallest things, for instance, leaving his socks in the wrong place. Sometimes it's best to let it go. It is also essential to check in with each other to see how they are managing everything in the world. Take a few minutes to talk about events happening in the world to stay connected, and this may also help to reduce the arguments.   

Apologies will go a long way 

Lowering your expectations will take the pressure off and help make things a little easier, but it's not enough. When one of you becomes emotionally injured, the other person should accept there mistake and apologies. Keeping quiet, will likely pile up emotions, and eventually lead to a significant argument or blow-up at some point. The same case also happens to you.   

When you don't apologize to your partner, it's like having emotional debt in your relationship that will, in the end, hurt your emotional connection. Start by owning up to your actions. We are not perfect, but acknowledging your mistake will make it easier for the relationship.   

Create a daily routine  

When I say create a daily routine, don't pack your days. It's an impossible plan, especially during this pandemic period. Instead of creating tight schedules, I would recommend looser routines. The basic idea is to identify what should be done and schedule some time to get on it during the day. Once that's over, give yourself some alone time and also give your partner some space. Don't stick to a rigid routine where you have an activity every hour.   

Learn how to communicate better  

Without a doubt, understanding your partner will make it easy to stay together during this pandemic. More importantly, communication is the key to having a better relationship even when you are together 24/7. We are all going to lose it at some point, especially with the number of cases increasing each day.   

Instead of being harsh to your partner or even name-calling, it's best to work to find a better way of communication even when you are upset. Besides, you don't want to frustrate your partner more.   

Stay away from the news an hour before falling asleep 

Listening to the news just before falling asleep will begin to weigh heavily on you and impact your mental health. You are likely to have nightmares if you look at many of the news stories just before bed is the best time to catch up with your partner on what they'd like to do the next day.   

In the morning, don't reach for your phone immediately and scroll for news updates. Avoid the news so that you don't ruin your mood first thing in the morning. That will affect your entire day even before you start.   

Give Each Other Some Space  

As a woman, it's okay to want some alone time. You shouldn't feel guilty about it. During the lockdown, you can develop a workable schedule that you and your spouse can follow. That will ensure you don't end up interrupting each others day.   

Consider taking time to meditate or exercise in the evening. You don't have to drag along your spouse for every activity.   

That alone time is healthy to keep your sanity and give you a chance to self-reflect. You can even get your partner to take care of dinner so you can take some time off, do your nails, shave your legs, and deep condition your hair. That one or two hours will help to rejuvenate you.   

Be Creative in the Way You Express Yourself  

With everything going on in the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it's such a difficult season. And that means most of us are not at our best. As a couple, you must come up with a creative way to mark the highs and the lows. For instance, you can take a few minutes before you get to bed and sum up your day with a short journal entry.   

Each one of you can independently write about how their day has been. While this may be a challenging time, there is a silver lining for most relationships in giving them the chance to appreciate the things that matter.   

For instance, you can make dinner together, play indoor games, among other activities.  

In Summary  

Nothing is more important than being able to stay together even during this time of crisis. We are all figuring out that love during the pandemic, is not as easy as we may have thought. You are managing your partner's mood swings and don't even get started on your moods.   

Using the above tips will strengthen your bond and make your home feel more peaceful and not like a 'battlefield.' 

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