8 Types of Breakups and What You Can Do About Them


No two people can ever be the same when it comes to love. The same way we all express our love differently; the end also happens in different ways. And how you break up with your loved one affects how you cope afterward, not only in terms of time but also the sentiment.    

We get into relationships for different reasons, and when it comes to parting ways, it happens for various reasons. But when we are in love, everything seems so perfect, and eventually, your idea of self is likely to be altered by the concept your partner creates. However, it's just a matter of time, and all the interwoven ideas start sorting themselves out.    

Reality turns and starts forcing a change. And it's at this point the rosy picture you've painted starts to fade away bit by bit. It may start with just a few breaks in communication than things start to dwindle physically and emotionally.    

When it comes to this, people initiate their breakup in different ways. That is why we will look at the eight different types of separations and what you can do about them.    

The Loss of Attraction   

This might be one of the most common types of breakups out there. It is more likely to happen in long-term relationships, especially when couples get too comfortable with each other. Especially with boring daily routines, it makes the relationship dull and even sucks out excitement and adventure.    

Couples who spend too much time with each other unconsciously create codependent attachments. Hence, they can become each other's happiness and energy source, preventing the relationship from growing.    

The stagnation in the relationship creates boredom and unforeseen arguments. Eventually, when the couples lose the ability to take their relationship to the next level, they lose attraction, leading to a breakup.    

The Mutual Breakup   

The mutual breakup is probably the easiest one you can go through. This is a breakup that occurs when a couple realizes that separation has to happen regardless. Therefore, instead of being dramatic about it, they just amicably discuss going their separate ways.    

However, this requires that both partners are emotionally detached before the breakup. At this point, the couple holds no hard feelings against each other, so they end the relationship respectful.    

That sets a good example for how people should handle their breakups. And since there is no blocking, unfollowing, begging, or anything that shows anger and hurt, they can still maintain a friendship afterward.    

The Ugly Breakup   

You've probably heard of this already. During an ugly breakup, couples tend to argue in a very disrespectful and hostile way. They can even result in verbal assaults, physical fights, or shouting.    

It can be such an ugly sight to see two former lovers engage in such irrational behavior towards each other. This breakup is often very fierce and driven by heated emotions and feelings. This breakup can be messy, and things always end in an ugly way for both of them.    

The Complete Betrayal   

There is no denying, the most disrespectful way of breaking up is cheating. And cheating is the emotional equivalent of being stabbed in the back and then right through your heart. A cheating partner always has reasons to do so.    

They are likely unhappy in their relationship or lack the physical and emotional fulfillment they need from their partner. Therefore, they go seeking something new and probably exciting. A cheating partner lacks the loyalty and commitment one would require from their lover.    

The Fear of Commitment    

Inevitable breakups happen because one partner is probably afraid of being locked down and committing to the relationship. This fear can surface due to unavoidable circumstances in the relationship, like endlessly arguing with their partners. In some cases, this can happen because one partner doesn't feel the same about the other person.    

The fear of commitment can be carried on from childhood or even a bad breakup with an ex-lover. That said, if someone says that they are not ready to commit, let them be. They want to explore other options and probably enjoy their single life.    

You can quickly tell if your partner is not yet ready to commit if they don't want to talk about future goals and plans. You will also notice that he mentions his ex a little too many times and probably is around only when they need something from you.    

The Circumstantial Breakup   

Sometimes, couples experience justifiable splits. This one is the hardest to get over as you two love each other, but the circumstances don't seem to allow it. For instance, physical distances can contribute to a breakup between two people.    

That is because some couples rely on physical intimacy to feel content in their relationship. This can be hurting for the one being dumped as they can ask themselves if their partner really loved them or they just enjoyed the comfort and benefits of their physical contact. The lack of emotional stability and security is often what leads to this kind of breakup.   

The Unforeseen Breakup   

Sometimes when you are in a romantic relationship, you may receive signs of things coming to an end, but you may fail to notice them until the breakup happens. The unforeseen separation will just come out of nowhere one day.    

This can leave the one who's dumped perplexed with many emotions: shock, disbelief, anger, and a lot more. The signs you most likely overlooked were; your partner didn't want to make plans anymore; they refused to spend time with you or expressed a lot of discontent in the relationship.    

The 'I Saw It Coming' Breakup   

Even though you saw the blink of the end, this type of breakup is still as painful as any other. Some people will see all the signs of their relationship coming to an end, but they will do their best to salvage it.    

However, they quickly cannot prevent their partner from losing attraction or being in love with someone else. In some cases, they may decide to take the bold step of breaking up with their partners first. They have to make the brave decision as they realize they deserved better.   

In Summary   

No matter why you had to part ways with your partner, it's always a painful experience. This is the pain that makes many people refrain from loving and letting other people love them. But what we all need to remember that pain is a part of life; it helps us grow. That said, don't be afraid to find love, make incredible memories, and let the grief and pain make you a better person.