Broken people hurt themselves and others

In the years you’ve lived, there is a good chance you have lived through. heartbreak, failure, and career and/or financial setbacks. These experiences can trigger you to do things out of character, such as hooking up with toxic people and engaging in physical, mental, or emotionally damaging things. Often times, these are attempts to mend a broken soul.  

Most times, we don’t even recognize our soul is broken until we have caused emotional trauma or damage to others.  

Signs a person is damaged, hurt, or broken: 

  • A broken soul will always feel they do not meet expectations. 
  • Sometimes, people who are broken have darkness that looms within, and they desire to be alone. 
  • They often feel inadequate and unworthy of being loved. 
  • They are overly sensitive and will analyze and try to make sense of everything. 

How broken people hurt themselves 

Because of their inner brokenness, ordinary words or simple conversations are frequently misinterpreted to mean something negative. Broken people frequently lash out and respond from a place of pain. They feel like they are under attack by everyone and everything, and the world is closing in on them. But the reality is that their inner world has no peace, and they silently scream to be set free.  

Hurt people have the ability to be set free from being at war within themselves by focusing on forgiving others and themselves. We cannot control or fix our past hurt. We cannot make others pay for their actions or inactions. But we have the ability to control who we become from this day forward. 

How broken people hurt others 

There is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together,” and hurt people typically gravitation to each other. Doing so makes it easier to pass negative energy and brokenness.  

When we allow negative things to occupy our mind, body, and soul, the wounds deepen, and we cause damage to others.  

Hurting others happens in various forms. Passing negative energy is one way because the other person’s energy is disrupted, and they are placed in a bad mood. This impacts their ability to focus, and they are not happy throughout the day. Others may also inadvertently suffer as a result of someone’s negative, toxic, and poor mood. 

What can you do about hurtful behavior? 

When you experience a hurtful or negative situation, understand the persons behavior is coming from unresolved hurt. 

There are some positive ways to handle this behavior: 

  • Recognize it for what it truly is 
  • Have open, honest communication by asking questions and sharing your feelings 
  • Choose if you want to move forward with this person or move on 

Why you need to remove yourself from hurtful people and environments 

Often, hurt people transfer their inner anger onto their loved ones and close friends. Those around them become the recipients of harsh words and fits of rage because they transfer their inner pain. The hurt person’s emotional pain also causes them to suspect wrong motives or ill intent behind the actions of others. 

The harsh reality is that they are incapable of having a healthy relationship with you until they are no longer at war within and can have a healthy relationship with themselves. Continuing a relationship, in their current state, may put you a risk of becoming equally broken.