Dating Toxic People Make it Impossible to Be Yourself

How nice would it be if toxic people walked around with cautionary signs on their foreheads – similar to the green and black stickers placed on harmful household items or poisons? That would be beyond awesome, but this is not a reality.

Toxic people are everywhere – having contact with them is deadly physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

A toxic relationship is any relationship that challenges your values. It’s a relationship that makes you question yourself and ultimately it leaves you feeling drained.

Some of us are in a toxic relationship and we aren’t even aware that we are in one. It is difficult to see how toxic the relationship is until after we are on the outside looking in. After we have been removed from the relationship, we begin to see how poisonous the other person was.

Often time’s we stay in toxic relationships because we cannot see all of the issues on the inside looking out. The longer we are in a relationship we feel invested in the success of the relationship, we hold on to the memories and good things without giving much consideration to the things which aren’t good. The longer we are in a relationship time and age begin to impact our confidence – this ultimately makes us feel less confident with our decision to walk away.

We feed our minds lies like “Nobody else is going to want me” or “I can’t find anybody else” – The truth is you are beautiful and wonderfully made. Most important you are capable of being and having love.

Here are 4 signs to help you easily identify toxic people:

  • Toxic people judge everything you do. No matter how are you try, you will never measure up. Their expectations will feel like a moving target.
  • Toxic people will you isolated from friends and family making it difficult to have a life outside of the relationship. They will want to consume all of your time and energy. They may even make you feel guilty if you choose to do something without them.
  • You feel like you’re always walking on eggshells and you are unable to make decisions without consulting them
  • You have completely changed and you no longer recognize who you are

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