Dealing with anxiety and depression after heartbreak

There’s a reason why you feel tired and a bit queasy after a breakup. Breakups typically take a toll on your physical body. Unluckily, aside from the relentless craving for ice creams and candy bars, the physical part of dealing with heartbreak is usually overlooked.   

Before we get started on how to deal with anxiety and sleeplessness during a breakup, let me just tell you one thing- You are not alone even if you choose to spend the entire day in your bed crying. Broken hearts will make you feel lost and in a sea of sorrow and misery. Always remember in the back of your mind that it will pass.   

I know that’s probably the last thing you’d want to hear at this moment but it will help. So, let’s dig into why you are sleepless during this period.   

Why Can’t I Sleep After a Breakup?   

Breakups are never easy. Once the relationship ends, it will trigger a series of emotions turning your world upside down and inside out. While some people easily accept the ending of a relationship and move on with their life, others like you and me are left dealing with depression and insomnia.   

This will be a heart-breaking time and your world will feel like it’s falling apart. What’s worse, the one time that you try to stomach your feelings and try to move on with your life, you realize that everything seems to remind you of your ex.   

As much as it’s easy to blame your ex for the lack of sleep that you are suffering from, studies show that it’s more complicated than that. On top of that, a different study showed that mourning a heartbreak is similar to mourning the death of a loved one.   

So, trust me, I understand how hard it is for you to even go on with your daily routines. But all hope is not lost. You know why? I have some great news for you.   

Now that you’ve possibly reached the lowest point of your emotions, there’s no other way but up. Yes, you heard me right! It can’t get any worse than it already has. So, here are a few tips that will get you back to your new self.   

Top 5 Tips of dealing with anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness after a breakup: 

If the aftermath of your heartbreak starts to affect your mental state, then it’s time to get up and do something about it. I know you are probably wondering; how will you get up and stop crying and start doing your normal activities? All you have to do is take small steps in the right direction, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step.’ So take that step and let’s rebuild the new you with these ideas:    

Take on a new skill or language  

Do you see your ex everywhere you go? Does everything around you remind you of your ex? That’s major because most of your experiences are linked to your ex. But that doesn’t mean that’s the end of your learning process. You can as well pick up new skills and positive habits that will give you fresh memories.   

For instance, learning a new language will give your mind too much information to think about that you will rarely focus on the memories of your ex. All you have to do is open your mind to new experiences. Try and make the world feel a little bigger.   

But you don’t have to learn a new language to engage your mind. You can also learn a new skill like enrolling in dance or even pottery class. With a little patience, you’ll get there.   


Now that you have a lot of time in your hands, find an activity that will help you invest in your well-being. Unfortunately, as humans, we have a limited amount of self-discipline. If you find yourself using a lot of energy trying to resist the urge of calling your ex, then it’s time to spend that excess energy on yourself as well.   

Make sure you spend time and money on things that will, in the end, develop you as a person. For instance, you can visit a new town. But it isn't a good idea to spend money on things that aren't good for you such unhealthy habits or even some foods (I’m talking about that bowl of ice cream you always have on your lap).   

Above all, don’t attempt to find peace or happiness by taking using substances for just a temporary pick-me-up. You will only be replacing a problem that could be fixed with an addiction that’s will cause an even greater heartbreak.   

Always remember what happened  

It’s highly unlikely for your ex to just walk out on you without any reason. And if that happened, then don’t forget it. This will be your driving force to never look back. So, if you are always thinking about your ex, then you need to remember the bad things also.   

Some will actually put a list of all the bad things their exes did on the bathroom mirror or any other place they regularly visit. 

Lean on your friends and family  

Nothing heals a broken heart better than having friends you can rely on. Find someone who you can talk to about your ex. So, instead of texting your ex, call up a friend who will encourage you to refrain from sending that text. But remember to choose people who you can trust.   

Finally, find happiness  

Relationships are not written down on stone as much as they feel like it. If it didn’t work out then you will eventually learn how to love again. Being emotionally wrecked at the moment doesn’t mean you are wrong or a bad person. And, crying over your ex doesn’t mean that you are weak. In fact, it actually means that you really know how to love.   

If you think of it more positively, the breakup will help you decide on the right partner for you. Don’t put high walls around your heart. That will only mean that it will take longer for you to heal. Breakups, however bad they may be, are lessons to learning and growing as a person. Take this opportunity to find love and happiness again!   

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