Do you reach out to an Ex during COVID-19


Dealing with the emotional turmoil of a heartbreak is the worst, especially during a global pandemic. Healing from heartbreak during a time of uncertainty can be a recipe for fear. Before you pull out the phone and reach out to check-in with your Ex there are some things to consider. 

The most important thing to ask yourself right now is “will reaching out move you forward or backwards”. When healing you must use the guidance given by the crew just be for a flight takes off “put your mask on before assisting anyone else”.  

In all stages of life, we must remember to consider our well-being before considering the well-being of another person. Take a step back and think about if making the call will move us forward. Will making the call stir up negative emotions? Will making the call set us back to day one of heartbreak? Are we ready to accept and manage the emotions of day one of heartbreak? 

The journey to healing is very difficult. Now is the time to celebrate the progress you have made and the steps you have taken to move forward. There have been some good days and some more difficult days but you must commit to continuing to take steps forward.  

When our heart hurts there is an instinctive desire to hear a certain voice, to feel connected to those we may have lost contact with. Now is not the time to press reset. Now is not the time to void the progress made. 

I totally get it; being quarantined can make you feel isolated. As we grapple with what tomorrow may bring, we find some comfort in feeling connected.  

In this time the most important people to remain connected with are friends and family members who have given love, support and encouragement along the healing journey. Now is the time to prioritize those who prioritized you prior to the pandemic. 


Here are somethings you can do to feel calmer in the midst of uncertainty: 

Nurture Relationships 

When uncertainty strikes, there is an instinctive desire to reach for our phone to connect with the world. This is moment to reflect on our solid relationships and to continue to be there for each other. Take some time to give your friends and family emotional support and to find some way to share a good laugh or two with each other.  

Get Organized 

We finally get a moment to be still and to complete those choses we never had time to do. Our bedding can suddenly be washed. Those dust mites lurking on the baseboard can be removed. All those clothes you’ll never get around to wearing can finally be purged 

I wish our time-out was not the result of a pandemic, but in every tragedy lies an opportunity to get better. Take this time to reflect and to get organized; the better we are prepared at home the better prepared we will be to heal our world when the times comes. 


A pause always allows us an opportunity to look at things from a bird's eye view. When life take an abrupt pause, you cannot help but stop and think about where you are and who are in this moment? Are we fulfilling our life purpose? Are we doing what we love? Are we taking time out for the people and things that matter most? 

While the future is uncertain, in this moment we can reflect on our past and use those experiences to fuel our future. Now is the time to think about who we deeply desire to be. Most important if we are not that person, now is the time to create her. Each take time sometime to ask yourself if the things you are doing or planning to do with you time will move you closer to becoming the women you desire to be. 

Commit to investing in personal growth and development to become the woman you we were created to be. 

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