Everything a Good Man Does in A Relationship

It may seem a mystery why some men end up in long relationships while others seem to jump from one person to the next. However, it's not quite a mystery. Many times, a lot of that has to do with how a man acts in a relationship. A good man will stand out from other men in the way he speaks, acts, and proves his love for his partner to create a lasting, loving, and healthy relationship. Here is everything that a good man will do in his relationship. 

1. A Good Man Commits to Your Relationship

A good man is ready and able to commit to one partner during his relationship. There is no cheating or shady behavior on his end. He won't be hiding in the bathroom to text or disappear for hours without explaining where he has been. He is not afraid to update social media with pictures of you two or openly tell others he is in a relationship. 

2. A Good Man Will Open Up to You

Vulnerability and honesty are essential components of a healthy relationship. A good man is not afraid to share his feelings or intimate parts about his life. He knows that this is important to build a connection and form a deeper relationship with his partner. He's open to long conversations on various topics about his life and past. 

3. A Good Man Always Supports You

Whether you're trying to finish a college degree, start a new side business or grow through the ranks of your current job, a good man will support you through whatever journey or endeavor you're working towards. While he may be realistic about the hurdles or trials there may be to achieve your dreams; he'll still be there to support you every step of the way.

4. A Good Man take Responsibility for His Actions

A good man knows when he was in the wrong. Whether it was forgetting to pick up dry cleaning or hurting your feelings, a good man will acknowledge and take responsibility for his actions. He knows that taking responsibility for his actions shows he has integrity, honesty and is self-aware enough to know that he's not always right in a situation.

5. A Good Man Makes You Feel Beautiful

A good man makes his partner feel beautiful through the way he compliments her, touches her and spends time with her. He'll admire her little qualities, like the way she does her hair or the way she laughs. He'll point out the little things he loves as a constant reminder of his love for his partner.

6. A Good Man Will Take Care of his Partner Physically and Emotionally

A good man is there when his partner needs to be held, cheered on, or loved. He'll listen to his partner as she talks through her day, challenging emotions, or whatever is bothering her. He'll understand and meet her with empathy and love. He'll also ensure that his partner is taken care of physically, putting her needs above his. He'll take the time to understand what his partner needs from him, so he can be sure to provide that.

7. A Good Man Will Do the Little Things

A good man will always take care of his partner by doing little things. It could be finishing a load of laundry, leaving a sweet note, or making his partner lunch to take to work. He'll make a conscious effort to try to be helpful and show his love through thoughtful actions.

8. A Good Man Will Help With the Housework

A good man won't leave everything to his partner! He knows that responsibilities should be shared to keep a happy home. He's happy to chip in and help around the house, whether that's cooking, cleaning, or vacuuming.

9. A Good Man Knows his Priorities

A good man doesn't need to be told what's important in his life. He'll show it through his actions and how he chooses to spend his time. He does not let the relationship define him and allows other hobbies to encompass his time. However, he still knows how important his partner is to him and makes more than enough time for her.

10. A Good Man Will Respect You

Respect is fundamental to a good man. You can tell he is respectful by how he treats and talks about the women in his life. He respects her boundaries, values, religious beliefs, and life choices to treat her as his equal. He does not belittle or talk down to you.

11. A Good Man Will Take Initiative

A good man knows what he wants and will go for it. He's not going to sit around and wait for something to happen. He's going to take the lead and do what needs to be done. He's not going to leave everything to his partner or expect life to hand him what he wants. 

12. A Good Man Will Not Give Up

Even when things get rough, a good man will not give up. Relationships go through natural ups and downs. Not every moment is a highlight. A good man will stick around and work through the hard times with his partner instead of leaving as soon as it's hard.

13. A Good Man Doesn't Play Games

A good man knows what he wants and is not going to play games with his partner. He's not going to leave your text messages on read or pretend with his feelings. He's going to be straightforward and honest with what he wants and not make his partner feel insecure or unsure of their relationship.

14. A Good Man Will Stand Up for His Relationship

If inappropriate questions or remarks are made about his relationship, he's going to be the first person to stand up for his relationship. He's not going to allow others to talk badly about his relationships and will always defend his partner. He's not going to let comments slide or allow others to make assumptions. His goal is always to protect his partner.