How Do You Know You are Ready to go From Dating to Marriage?

As soon as you get to your late 20's, you immediately start feeling like everyone in your circle is getting engaged and starting a family. Your social calendar suddenly switches from cocktail parties to bridal showers, wedding weekends, and bachelorette parties. And the fact that you are seeing everyone else do it is almost natural to feel like you should also be getting engaged and planning a wedding.   

But have you taken a moment to consider if marriage is the thing for you? Or better still, if you are ready to advance from dating to marriage? Marriage is one of the most significant decisions in one's life. Therefore, this is a matter that should not be taken lightly. Marriage is a life-altering decision, and no matter how great you think your relationship is, you need to take a moment to remember if you are ready to take the next step.    

After all, the goal is to make this one thing last forever, so; there should be no pressure at all. But the good thing is that many clear signs indicate you are ready for marriage or should hold it off a little longer.   

The Need to Keep Looking Goes Away  

When you are not comfortable with your partner, you will always feel like there's someone better for you. But once you meet your forever soulmate, all this will change, and you'll feel comfortable and peaceful. You will know you've found the one, and at this point, you can move from dating to marriage without having any concern.   

You don't feel the need to change your partner 

The mistake that most people make is thinking that if they marry their partner, things will change. One of the easiest ways to know you are ready for marriage is knowing that you love your partner as they are, and you don't want them to change.   

A significant commitment won't change anyone. So, if your relationship is on the rocks, marriage won't break the script for you. Deciding to aim for marriage will not heal the rift between you and your partner. It will only make things more complicated.  

You Resolve Issues Together  

If you find it easy for you and your partner to solve issues together, you are most likely to take the next step. Thinking that glossing over your problems and hoping to forget them will cause damage to the relationship. You need to be able to solve your issues together, so they don't damage the connection later.   

Please don't rush into marriage, thinking that it should somehow solve a problem. First, learn how you can work out your issues together before you take the big step. If you can't work out your problems together, it means your communication is not stable. Having a sturdy foundation for conflict resolution and being able to compromise builds a healthy foundation for marriage.   

Your Family and Friends Like Your Partner  

When you find your soulmate, often, nothing else seems to matter. However, once you decide to commit finally, you realize that everything matters, including what your family and friends have to say about your relationship. At first, you might think, 'Why does it matter if they don't approve of my partner yet I'm the one dating them?'   

But the truth is that such a small rift may affect not only your relationship but also your life. Your family and friends are like your support system, and they know you the best. Therefore, if they think something's wrong with your relationship, maybe you need to reevaluate.   

You can Make Long Term Plans with Your Partner 

Often when you are in a new relationship, you don't feel the need to plan beyond your next date. But once you decide to commit to each other, everything changes, and you'll need to make long term plans together.   

Have you tried to ask yourself these questions; what if your partner was to travel today, would you be okay with being left at home alone? Or you'd prefer to go with them? Before you proceed to marriage, it's essential that you know what your partner wants and if you are okay to work through these long-term plans and goals together.   

What Matters is the Forever and Not the Wedding  

Let's face it; most people are caught up in the idea of wanting the marriage to have a big fancy wedding. The shoes, the cake, champagne, honeymoon, and guests excite them. Hence, they may end up feeling compelled to get married to enjoy all this. But the truth is that you won't care much about all that when you are finally ready for marriage.   

The wedding won't be as valuable to you as the marriage and spending your time with your forever soulmate. You can have a small beach wedding, invite-only close friends and family and that would be perfect. When it's finally time, all you'll care about is each other. Not all the fancy things.   

You Have a Full Happy Life Outside Your Partner  

Probably one of the easiest ways to know that you are ready for marriage. When it comes to marriage, it's not that you need your partner to survive. It means that you realize you are a unique and special individual all on your own. Therefore, you need a partner to compliment you and not complete you.   

Make sure that you are happy alone, and you are living your best life and building all on your own. Not that you need your partner to get your life in order. You will be perfect for each other when you are whole on your own. Also, you won't end up feeling desperate for marriage to feel complete. All you'll want is to be perfect for each other.   

In Summary  

The best thing about marriage is that you spend the rest of your life with someone who lights you up no matter how your day is going. Before taking the next big step, be sure the person you are dating is who you want to be with forever. It doesn't matter what; you will always be genuinely in love with them, even at their worst.   

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