How stop the hurt and get relief fast after heartbreak

Happy woman after healing from heartbreak

Are you failing to heal after a heartbreak, long after you believe it should be over? Do you cry each time you think of your ex? Do you fail to sleep because of a heartbreak that is more than a year old? Are you struggling to connect with new people? You may not be aware that when you are seriously hurt at emotional level, the heart literally breaks at emotional level, which explains why you feel pain. Luckily, most people get over their break ups after a reasonable time. However, if you still mourn a break up after many years, you interfere with any new relationships that you get into and you need help to heal emotionally. Acupuncture will help you to heal emotionally. 

You are much more than your physical body. You have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body. The bodies are supported and linked by 7 major chakras which enable energy and information to move between them. The physical body is supported by many physical systems and an invisible energy system made up of meridians through which energy moves. All the bodies and all the systems are interconnected and co-dependent. A problem in one area affects other areas. A problem at emotional level affects the energy system and the physical and mental bodies. A blockage in the energy system causes physical, emotional and mental health problems. 

Emotional health 

The emotional body is responsible for our emotions. Emotions are normal but powerful, and they affect our mental and physical health. Generally, emotions that are expressed here and there in response to life do not cause problems. However, extreme, extended and suppressed feelings such as anger, grief, fear, sadness and anxiety can cause patterns of disease and disharmony. That is because each feeling is linked to particular organs. For example, fear and fright are linked to the kidneys, pensiveness to the spleen, anger to the liver, joy to the heart and sadness to the lungs. Therefore, any negative emotion that is felt for too long (which happens in the emotional body) tends to affect the function of the related organs in the physical body, causing imbalance.  

The imbalance expresses itself through some kind of disease, whether physical, mental or emotional. You may experience depression, sleeplessness, poor digestion and even more serious health problems like cancer. Therefore, it is important to get healing when an emotional problem becomes unmanageable and triggers undesirable responses. You also need healing when you respond too emotionally to a stimulus. 

Why you need relief after a heartbreak 

Research is confirming what ancients already knew, that emotions influence and are influenced by what happens to the physical body, work, relationships and thoughts. A break up is literally painful. One study found that emotional stress, like that caused by a break up, can produce symptoms of a heart attack. It has now been named the “broken heart syndrome.” It is real pain caused by an emotional blow in the absence of any physical trauma. It normally heals after some time as time heals but sometimes time fails to heal you. For example, you may think of your ex-lover after a number of years (a mental action) and start crying (an emotional response). It is annoying and confusing but it is a real problem because you really wish to get over that person. 

Your reactions to your past heartbreak may interfere with your current relationship and your life in general. The last thing you want is to be enjoying dinner with your current lover, then something reminds you of your past lover and then you either get depressed or start crying, spoiling your evening. It is difficult for your current lover to understand why and, if you continue to spoil your time together, you may endanger the relationship. This is why you need emotional healing. You may choose psychotherapy (which takes time) or choose acupuncture.  

Acupuncture heals heartbreaks fast 

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing modality that encourages the body to heal itself and improve the way it functions. It works by inserting very find needles (as fine as a hair) on precise points on the body. The points lie on the energy meridians through which vital energy (Qi) moves throughout the physical body. Vital energy is crucial for life because it enables us to breathe, move, digest food, think, eliminate waste, pump blood, etc. without awareness.  

When you get hurt, energy becomes blocked around your heart area, forming an emotional scar that prevents your feelings to move properly. That is what keeps hurting you long after you believe you should have got over your ex. Acupuncture is one quick and effective way to heal your broken heart. It helps to unblock the meridians that have been blocked by emotional scars and normalizes your emotions. It is bodywork but its effects are clearly felt at mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

What happens during and after acupuncture  

Reactions to acupuncture vary from person to person. You may cry a lot as the energy system is unblocked during the first session. After a second session, you can go for longer without crying. After the third session, you may stop crying altogether. If you had physical symptoms due to your past hurts, you may find that they disappear and you become a healthier, calmer, more confident and happier person. If you were on some chronic medication for depression or other problem, you stop needing it. You may change from a person stooped over and overburdened by past emotions to a happy enthusiastic person. You can make a shift from a withdrawn and shy person to one who is energetic and enthusiastic about life. 

Adopt holistic health 

Acupuncture is a wonderful and powerful modality that helps to treat and resolve your emotional problem and restore health and vitality. However, if you want holistic health after acupuncture, incorporate other modalities such as a healthy diet, meditation, and regular exercise. These will help you to move beyond healing to longevity and prevention of future diseases. 


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