How to Detox Your Heart After a Breakup

They say, 'Love is like a drug.' But while some drugs can make you feel happy, others might make you feel horrible. What do I mean? Breaking up with the one person you saw building a future with can be devastating. It can lead you to a dark place.   

But despite how much you loved this man, you finally determined to let go since things aren't working between you two. It's a hard decision, probably the hardest one you've ever made in your life. He was your best friend. You found comfort in his hugs, and his smile gave you butterflies in your stomach at some point.  

There's no better way to say this, but you were addicted to his love! While detoxing your heart after being this attached to someone may seem unachievable, you need to understand it's the right thing to do, and it's possible with proper care and support. It's all just a matter of time and patience. In this article, we will discuss break up detox steps that will help you feel better, healthier, and eventually feel calmer. Although this might be hard to hear, nothing will magically fix itself unless you put in the effort.   

Cease all Contact  

Indisputably, this should be the first and most important thing to do immediately after a breakup. Keep your distance and don't text, call, email, or even meet up with your ex. You should also consider taking them off your social media while you are still at it. You don't have to block them permanently, but when you are fresh from a breakup, you tend to be vulnerable to hurtful and loving words.   

Therefore, if you want to give your heart a better chance to detox, it's best if you don't have your ex's voice in your head. Keeping in touch with your ex after a break up increases the possibility of returning a toxic relationship. Or you may even get into another heated argument causing further hurt and anxiety. It's not an easy thing to do, but cutting all ties with your ex puts your heart on a faster healing path.   

Don't Bottle Up Emotions   

When you have your heart broken, your emotions tend to be all over the place. It's okay to cry, scream, and even yell as long as you don't hurt anyone. You will feel better after releasing and letting go of all that pain you feel in your heart. It may sound cliché; however, the truth is breakups are hard.  

Let yourself grieve! Don't deny yourself that chance as that's what will help you detox your heart. Honor all of your feelings, but most importantly, understand everything will get less intense if you let them all out. But the good thing is that letting out your emotions will give you the much-needed relief.  

Acceptance is Key  

If there's anything hard to do, it is coping with the end of a relationship. But the good thing is that as soon as you reach the acceptance stage, things will balance out, your heart will feel a lot better and more ready to move on. After heartbreak, take time to gain a new objective perspective of looking at the whole situation. Try to avoid over-analyzing the situation hoping things would have turned out differently.   

There are a thousand reasons you wish you did things differently, but thinking about all that will only cause you to hurt. Your actions mattered when you were in the relationship. But now that it's all over, it doesn't matter anymore. Don't beat yourself up because of how things ended. Instead, focus on moving forward and accepting how things are at the moment.   

You Need to Find Yourself  

Most times, you tend to lose a piece of yourself when in a relationship. But if things ended, on a wrong note, it's time to find yourself all over again. That might be one of the few positive things about your breakup, so have fun with it. If there is a hobby you let go, now is the time to get back to it again! If you forgot to take relaxing self-care baths, this is your chance to get back at it.   

You can do anything you like as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I'm sure there are a lot of personal things that made you feel special. You need to re-discover these things, and you will be able to reconnect with your independence. This is an excellent way to develop a new and better version of yourself.   

The best way to do this is by having a mindful conversation with yourself. Make a profound discovery to your inner self by asking yourself reflective questions that will help you find out more about your personality and the things you like.  

Most Importantly Explore and Have Fun  

This is another very crucial step in detoxifying your heart after a breakup. When you feel you are ready to have fun again, get your girls, wear something cute, and head out to do something fun together. If you are looking for some idea, try shopping, dancing, or even an amusement park. In short, do something small for yourself that will make you feel good inside, smile, or even laugh.   

Enjoy your life! Be spontaneous and have a good laugh; nothing should hold you back from being yourself. If there's that one thing you always wanted to do alone, now is your chance. It will be therapeutic for both your mind and heart.   

In Summary  

At that moment, when you are hurting from heartbreak, you are at your most vulnerable stage. Therefore, there's a high chance you may end up rebounding into another relationship too fast.   

While it may seem like a quick fix for your heartache, you may never really get over your ex. You'll just be prolonging the inevitable. It's best if you first train yourself to develop a mindful life. That way, your heart will be calmer and more ready to handle anything life throws at you. 

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