How to get them to fall in love and commit to being exclusive

Have you been dating for a while, but they don’t seem to want to commit? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. As a woman, you should never have to force your partner into a commitment. But what do you do when they don’t commit, and your relationship has come a long way?   

Well, you need to understand that you can never push a partner into a relationship. The only card you can play is to provide an environment for them to pop the question and finally admit they want a stable relationship.   

So, if you are going through this situation, remember you are not alone. Truth be told, getting someone to commit to a relationship is one of the most challenging circumstances in the world. That’s because we’ve all heard stories that males tend to be afraid of commitment. Therefore, it's pretty common for them to drag their feet, especially if it’s still a growing relationship.   

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept things as they are! There are several psychological tricks that you could use on your partner to lock it down without having to say a word. With that in mind, here are the top 5 tips you can use to commit them into a relationship.   

Keep it fun and light  

The fact that males fear commitment is because it sounds like a small prison to them. So, you need to make commitment look like something fun, carefree, and light. Without a doubt, there’s no chance your partner will agree to be in a committed relationship when it feels overly stressful or depressing. More importantly, make sure you are selective with the things you give attention to. Avoid starting petty arguments with your partner.   

Therefore, every time you two hang out, make sure it’s mostly fun and light. Take a walk in the park, or go for a friendly bowling match or even miniature golf. These are all fun date ideas that will obviously make your partner happy. And once they think of you as a person they enjoy being around, then committing to you will no longer be something they dread.   

Be less interested  

Well, this might sound like going against the real purpose of your relationship but keep reading, and I’ll show you how it works. Actually, becoming less interested in the relationship is one of the easiest ways to lure your partner into a serious commitment.   

When you are desperate for your partner to commit to you, they will most likely smell it from a mile away. That type of desperation will turn them off entirely, and they will start to think of a bunch of different ways to get rid of you. Therefore, instead of being clingy and needy, you have to try and become less interested. At that point, when you become less interested in them, they will end up fighting even harder to get back your attention. That will make them want to take the relationship to the next level.   

However, it’s not good enough to pretend that you are less interested. You actually have to keep your mind busy so that you don’t end up looking for them. More importantly, don’t be too quick to answer their phone calls or reply to their messages. The first thing that will cross their mind is why you are backing off, and they will start to think about committing to you.   

Let their friends love you  

Be sure; if you can’t get along with the friends of your partner, then there’s no chance of them making you their girlfriend. In most cases, the approval from their friends is critical since they have a heavy influence on their decisions. Make sure the people closest to them are comfortable with your romance. But if the friends think that you are annoying and insulting, they will definitely back off from you for good.     

Don’t come across as fake to the friends. Be friendly, cordial, and make a good impression.   

Reward Them  

Start by putting your partner in your own rewarding system for them to commit to you. When your partner goes out of their way to do something nice for you, you should, in turn, reward them for their efforts. It will make them see commitment in a different way. More importantly, they will envision a future that includes you whenever they start to think about being in a long-term relationship with you.     

A reward can be something as simple as saying thank you, a kiss on the cheek, or even a hug. If you can make them happy, then you will have officially made yourself as the girl they love and would definitely commit to.   

Let them Invest  

It’s a proven fact that most people are likely to treasure what they invest in. For instance, you are more likely to cherish your handbag more if you took close to 6 months to get the money. However, if you give the purse to your sister as a gift, then it will stay in the closet crammed up. The main reason is that your sister never had to work hard for it.   

You can also apply the same ideas in your relationship. To be more specific, people care more when they have to put in the effort into the relationship. But remember, this has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with simple favors, for instance, asking them to do something handy.   

Before you go  

I know the wait can be difficult, especially if you are already sure that you’ve found the one for you. But don’t worry! It will obviously take time for your relationship to move to the next step. However, remember that you should always keep your options open in case things don’t go your way. All the best and stick around for more topics in the same.