How to Know Your Ex is Pretending to Be Over You and Will Eventually Come Back?

We all have that one moment after a breakup where we keep wondering if your partner will come back. At this stage, you will easily drive yourself crazy, looking for any signs that your ex will eventually come back to you.  

But let me give you the benefit of the doubt: Nothing is written on stone, especially when it comes to relationships. There’s always a slight chance that you two might be back together again. However, there’s that chance that your ex might not want anything to do with you. And if that happens, you should stay away. 

All in all, if you are looking for signs that your ex might eventually come back to you, then this article is in your best interest. Here, we will discuss clues that you should be looking for to know if your ex is pretending to be over you and will eventually come back.  

When your ex is in a rebound relationship already 

I know this sounds weird since it looks like your ex has already moved on, but trust me, it’s just another cry for help. Most experts say that when your ex has a rebound, only suggests that they are trying to fill in the void inside their heart.  

When some people mourn the loss of their loved one, they tend to lean on someone else. As such, your ex might get a rebound even when they are still in love with you. And if the two of you only broke up a few weeks ago, that’s even a red alert to show you that your ex still wants you back.  

Most of the time, your ex will likely tell you that the relationship is over because they are hurting or in pain. These emotions usually take time to heal. In a relationship, people say things that they don’t mean, and this might be the situation your ex is currently in 

Your ex is trying to make contact with you 

One of the most obvious ways to know if your ex still wants you is the fact that they are trying to maintain contact with you. With that in mind, your ex might text out of the blue and will likely give you a weak reason. Truth be told, people don’t usually crave for their exes’ attention when they’ve fallen out of love. So, if your ex keeps popping up in your life it is because they most definitely want you back.  

Your ex wants to be friends and is always making time for you 

One of the easiest ways to know if your ex still wants you back is when they keep saying that you should be friends. More to that, your ex will tell you that they are not ready to cope with the loss of the relationship and needs a friend to talk to. However, your ex might genuinely mean what they are saying, but it’s still questionable.  

Honestly, trying to stay friends with your ex just a few weeks after the breakup is hard and painful since it keeps reopening those wounds. Above all, the most important sign you should be looking for is when your ex tries to hang out with you just a few days after saying he wants to be friends with you.  

Your ex shows extreme emotions 

It’s quite challenging to understand this part of the breakup, but it works. The more your ex expresses extreme emotions such as anger, deep sadness, and also love, the more there is a high chance that love still flows in his heart.  

Hate and love are just two sides of the same coin. Most people will say that their ex was too angry after their breakup, but they will still admit that they love them. Anger is usually a tricky emotion since it comes out of hurt. So, if your ex is furious with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they hate you. It’s quite the opposite since it’s a mask for the love they feel for you.  

Friends try to convince you to talk 

Well, if your ex is still in love with you, but you are still too upset to even talk, then your mutual friends may try and convince you guys to talk. If you get constant hints from your ex’s friends that you should speak to them, then it’s probably a good idea to do it. That means that your ex wants you back, but they might be too hurt or prideful to say how they truly feel.  

So, in case your ex wants your back, their friends and family may gently try to push you guys together and towards each other. That’s probably because they believe in love, and they are sick of hearing them rant about you all the time.  

When your ex is still there for you 

Is your ex always at your beck and call whenever you have a problem? Can you call your ex right now in case you have an issue, and he will drop everything to come and help you? Well, it could be because they are generally a nice or maybe because they miss you. Typically, if someone still helps you out when you are stuck, then they care about you. And I mean, ‘really care.’ What’s more, that’s not someone who has moved on with their life. That’s someone who has intense feelings for you no matter what happened. So, take your time and understand your ex’s actions before letting them go completely.  

Does your Ex do all these things?  

Relationships are challenging, to say the least. And the fact that you guys broke up proves this point. But even when things are so bad, there’s always some light. Some powerful force that will always pull you guys together.  

Therefore, in case your ex still shows the above signs, then take the hint and try to rekindle the old flame. If they still love you, then you have a pretty good chance of getting them back. 

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