How to Know You're Ready to Date Again After a Breakup

Breakups always have a way of sucking the life out of you. It's a moment that can be hard and painful. However, there is still that silver lining when a toxic relationship comes to an end. I know you might not see it right now. The only thing you probably think about is how much you would have tried harder and probably fought harder for the relationship.   

However, at this moment, you should try and not dwell on the past. That said, you need to focus more on the future and what it holds for you. Now that you are single and free to fall in love with someone else, you might finally meet the love of your life. The one person that will not see the flaws in you and will love you unconditionally. Yes, he is somewhere out there, you need to find him.   

While it's easy to say, you want to fall in love all after with someone new after a breakup, getting your heart broken is never easy. It can make you second guess yourself. And it gets even harder when you try to figure out if you are ready to date again. But you don't have to worry about that anymore as this article has your back.   

If you feel unsure, here are a few cues that indicate that you are finally ready to start dating. It won't be easy but hold on. 

You No Longer Stalk Your Ex, and The Thought of Him Doesn't Trigger Negative Emotions'  

After a breakup, most people will claim to be over their ex's when they aren't. And the easiest way to tell if you are ready to move on is your ex's social media. If you find yourself constantly checking their Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook, then you still haven't gotten over the fact that things ended between you two.   

But if you find yourself getting through the day without gaining any interest in checking their accounts, you are closer to letting go of your past. More critical if someone can mention your ex, and that doesn't trigger a series of negative emotions.  

You Are Comfortable with Being a Single Woman  

If you feel comfortable with being single, you can start going on dates again. This comes down to you having a full life without a partner. When you have designed a life experience that you love, you enjoy spending time with friends, and your self-love is in a great place. Most importantly, you no longer need validation from a partner to feel good about yourself.   

Most people use dating to escape from themselves, and such people tend to deal with breakups the hardest. If you have been feeling more like yourself, then you are taking steps in the right direction.   


The Thought of Someone taking an interest in You Excites You 

You feel excited to know who you might kiss next? Well, that's a good sign. Dating should be exciting and fun. However, this doesn't mean that you should jump into bed with someone right away. If you find yourself daydreaming about someone, it means you are more than ready to start dating again.   

Also, if you are excited about someone showing interest in you, then its time. Most times, when you are still dealing with the heartbreak, it's hard to notice anyone who is showing interest in you. If you find yourself making a shift from turning down a date to saying 'heck yes' to spending time with someone you like, then you are ready to start dating again.  


Your Intentions for Dating are Not to Fill the Void Your Ex Left   

People will always tell you that there's no specific time to start dating again. But you can say to you are ready if your intention to start seeing someone else is not to fill the void your ex left. You want to date because you have found the right person for you. You are focusing more on the future you can build together.   

When someone is still sad or angry about breaking up, they make decisions based on immediate rewards. While this may be fun, it has no impact on your future. There is a chance you might end up doing something you will regret later. You are more ready to get into another relationship when you can make clear decisions.   

You Know Exactly What You Need from a Partner  

All women always have the ideal man they would like to settle down with or even date. If you can comfortably talk to your friends about the kind of man you are looking forward to dating, you will be ready to give it a try. And in such a moment, your previous relationship is a well-learned lesson for you.   

Instead of being bitter, you can now take your breakup as a stepping stone to move on to the next phase of life. And now that you are more aware, you probably won't just date anyone if they don't meet your expectations. Do you want someone who is more understanding? Is it someone willing to start a family with you? It would help if you went for someone sharing the same or similar desires.  

In Summary  

Despite how things ended between you and your partner, it's never easy to bounce back after a breakup. The fact that someone you deeply loved broke your heart, you may feel vulnerable. It will take both time and a lot of courage to get back to dating.   

You will finally get there and find someone right for you when you are ready. Keep on pushing, and when it's time, you will take the next step. You should never be in a rush to start dating after a heartbreak.   


Using the above tips will strengthen your bond and make your home feel more peaceful and not like a 'battlefield.' 

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