Love Being Single During the Holiday

Somehow, the holidays can feel like the loneliest times, especially if you are single. Alone in your apartment, binge-watching movies while drinking wine, you might be thinking to yourself that all you need for the holidays is someone to cuddle with and to share a New Years' kiss with.   

But who said that being single during the holidays has to be a self-pity fest? Listen, sweetheart; there are many perks to being single during the holidays. If you think about it from the perspective that you get to do what you want on your terms, being single during the holidays might not be such a bad thing.   

So, instead of envying your cuffed friends and spending your time indoors crying into your pillow, consider all the beautiful things you can enjoy during this season. That said, if you are single during this holiday season but you aren't exactly thrilled by it, read on to discover a few ways you can be single and still enjoy during the holidays.   

You can sleep in  

One of the best ways to relax your mind and soul is getting enough sleep. And since most of the holidays you may be off or working very little, that's the ideal time to catch up on sleep. With our ever-demanding lifestyles, it's hard to get the rest we all need, especially due to our day-to-day jobs. If you don't have any plans for the holidays, you can enjoy hanging in the comfort of your home.  

Making out  

Now that you are single, you are free to explore intimately. You don't have to feel guilty about not having a boyfriend. However, as much as this is a good thing, it could also lead to a lack of commitment.   

If you enjoy making out with no strings attached over a long period, you might never want to be in a relationship again, and that's can create some challenges. So, even if you have the right to make out with anyone, don't overdo it. Sorry to sound like a broken record but, 'too much of anything could be poisonous.' All in all, with a little moderation, then making out with could be good for your soul.   

No more awkward family introductions  

Holidays are always the best times to introduce your significant other to your family. Luckily, this time around, you are single. So, you won't have those awkward family conversations during this year's holiday.   

That means this holiday could be about you and your family and not all about your partner. More importantly, it's the perfect time for you to bond with your cousins and relatives without getting awkward questions. It doesn't get any better than that!  

Holiday Partying with Your Single Friends  

The holidays can be one of the most memorable times for singles. All your single friends will be emotionally open and physically available. Therefore, you can throw parties or even attend some girls' nights and sleepovers during this time. You don't have to worry about getting gifts for someone who will probably be disappointed at the end of the day. You can even have a little fun with some holiday dates.   

Spend More Time with Family  

Before you come at me, I know you are already saying how tough holiday dinners with family can be. Of course, there's that one Aunt who keeps pressuring you to find a good guy to marry you and not forgetting Grandma, who keeps asking for grandkids. But amidst all that family chaos, the holidays present a good opportunity for you to catch up with your family.   

It's during this time that you will know your sister needs some advice for her rocky relationship. Your Aunt, who has been ill, needs more support from the family. And being there for people you care about during the holidays can be rewarding in so many ways.   

Get to Tell People That You're Single  

Now that you are single, you will be partying a lot with your friends over the holidays. Take advantage of that and tell the people you meet you are single. Tell them that you wouldn't mind going to holiday parties.   

That way, you will be invited to things since the holidays are also a partying season. And the fact that you are single, the holiday parties will present you with an opportunity to connect with men. Santa might deliver to you one of the good guys at these holiday parties.   

You can be selfish  

It would help if you remembered yourself. And now that you are single, you can be as selfish as you want without worrying about hurting your partner. More importantly, when you learn how to care for yourself, it will help you thrive in your future relationships. That's because you can now find things that make you happy.   

Therefore, you can show your prospective partner how to treat you and make you happy. Start by doing small favors for you and appreciate yourself, from buying gifts to treating yourself to taking that holiday vacation that you've always wanted to enjoy.   

Watch your favorite movie 

If you haven't realized it by now, you have the whole house to yourself. Now, you don't have to watch a movie that you didn't pick or don't like to make your partner happy. You can scroll through Netflix, Showmax, or Amazon Prime and find your all-time favorite movie or even binge watch that dramatic reality series you've always wanted. The tv is yours to control now.   

In Summary  

Being single during the holidays is a blessing in disguise. It doesn't matter how painful your breakup was. This is your time to have fun and do what you like. More importantly, your family and friends will always have your back. You also don't have to rush into a relationship simply because of the holidays-no siree! That's a disaster waiting to happen. That said, give yourself the much-needed healing time and enjoy this holiday with the people who love and care about you.