Should I break up with my boyfriend during a lockdown?

Going to work every day to head home in the evening and catch up with your boyfriend somehow helps balance the relationship. And you don't realize how important this daily routine was for your relationship until you are forced to spend months in the house with your partner. If you find yourself questioning your compatibility with your partner, then you are not alone.  

But before you question your compatibility, can you trust your feelings, primarily due to the uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought us? Is it a wise choice to break up with your partner during this period? Or better yet, should you wait until the pandemic is over? Well, to help you with your decision, let's check out a small checklist before making this bold step.  

Questions to ask yourself before breaking up during COVID-19  

Was your relationship okay before the pandemic?   

This question will help you understand what is happening in your relationship. Before the pandemic, how was your relationship fairing? Were you happy or sad? If you were happy, then there's a high chance that both of you feel the pandemic's pressure. I mean, you don't expect your partner to be the same with the cases of COVID-19 rising every single day.   

If, by any chance, there was something wrong before the pandemic started, then take this time to talk it out. Probably staying together only ignited a problem that was already there. The fact that you are alone with your boyfriend will only make it worse if you don't confront it. But if you've tried talking to your boyfriend and it didn't bear any fruit, it's time to walk away.   

How does he react to panic?   

Men are built to hide their feelings, especially when they are afraid of what is about to come. That will typically put him off his game. And in this situation, it will affect how he shows love to you. Try to talk to him and understand how he feels about the situation outside.   

Now is the perfect time to let your man open up to you. He may very well have a lot to say. So instead of leaving, let him speak his mind out. It might help deal with the situation.  

Is he an introvert or extrovert?   

Does your man spend most of his time indoors or outside with his friends? If he likes to stay out with his friends, you need to find a better way to connect with his friends. There's a chance that spending too much time in the house affects his emotions, and he might be too afraid to admit it. With that in mind, help him out instead of pushing him outside.   

However, if your partner is an introvert, then you can ask him directly what's wrong. If he doesn't answer, then find the best way to get his attention. But in case that doesn't work out, it may be time to walk away.   

Alternatives to breaking up during COVID-19  

Breaking up is not the only alternative. Breaking up is the last option, especially during this period. As I said earlier, don't expect your partner to be just fine during this period. Here are a few tips you can use to curb the stress levels in your relationship. It will also help ease up the tension between the two of you.   

Create reassurance and don't pick fights  

If the pandemic is making you question how important you are to him, then ask him directly. There's a chance that your partner doesn't need that much attention, and it's not because they are less interested in you. So, take your time and gather your confidence to ask questions directly. Also, in the process, you should avoid picking fights with your partner. A simple sorry will help solve most conflicts.   

Maybe a break is the right choice instead of a breakup 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. There's a chance that all you need is a few weeks apart to remember why you love each other so profoundly. If you find yourself arguing a lot and not agreeing on everything you do, maybe you need a few days apart. That will help rebuild your relationship.   

Remember, this is not your ordinary life 

When the dust settles and we get back to our daily routines, you will have to go to work at least eight hours a day and spend time with your friends. At that moment, you will have the privacy and time you want. So instead of being on your partner's neck, give him and you a break. We are dealing with unfamiliar times.   

Develop a sense of humor  

If things are getting awkward in your relationship, try making light jokes instead of ignoring it entirely. In some way, laughter will move everything in your relationship from unbearable to at least enjoyable.   

Talk to a professional  

When all fails, then it's time to talk to your therapist. That way, you can get professional help and learn how to cope with your relationship. Most people are afraid of going to an expert for help simply because they feel it's expensive and time-wasting. However, that depends on how much you value your relationship. If you plan to grow with your partner, hopefully to old age, you won't feel the pain of going to chat with an expert.  

In Summary  

When you have tried all of the above, and still your relationship is struggling, you can choose to break up with your partner. I don't advocate for breakups, but in some situations, it's probably the best option. Maybe you and your partner are meant to be friends and not lovers. With that in mind, find the best way to talk to him and ensure you both have closure. Regardless, there's a chance that the breakup will be painful, especially during this period. 

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