Successful relationships start with great communication

A successful relationship starts with communication - if you are unable to connect by sharing your throughs, feelings and the things that interest you the relationship will struggle and ultimately fail. 

When meeting someone new the first thing you must do is work to communicate what you desire from a relationship. You can start by simply sharing and working to establish a bond - as you would with any other friend. 

It's normal to feel like you have to be perfect for someone to like you, but this is totally false. When you meet someone new it's always best to be your authentic self - as they will meet who you truly are in the future. You both will be much better off if you embrace your strength and flawless and share who you are. The reality is no one is perfect and the person for you will love you with your imperfections. Make sure you do not lie or present yourself to be someone you are not this will destroy the relationship. 

Embrace your inner flirt - in a healthy, social, and playful way. It will help everyone let their guard down and open up to being themselves.  

Take things slowly - dating is a marathon not a race to the alter.  Allow the relationship to bloom without pressure - you do not want to appear desperate. When you take things easy you will be surprised by how things will connect. There is nothing more desirable than a woman who does not feel the need to chase a man because she knows the value she brings to a relationship.  

Make sure you do not give off the wrong vibe - it's great to know your worth, but you do not want to appear arrogant or full of yourself.  

 Most important never lose yourself to a relationship. Make sure you continue your normal routine. Don't make extreme changes in your life to make everything revolve around that special someone. The person you are dating became interested in the person you are - they are not interested in having a clone or a shadow. It is so important that you continue to maintain prior friendships, set personal goals, and continue growing as individual.  

 A strong relationship is built on two people loving and growing together, but never losing their unique identities, because their individuality is what bonded them together.