The only thing you should do when your Ex calls

The no contact rule is not a strategy to make your Ex miss you and want you back. It to help you heal.  You cannot be successful in moving on without implementing the No Contact Rule.  Accept that your Ex will attempt to contact you via text, email, or phone within the first few weeks of no contact.  Often men express their desire to end relationships; however, they are not ready to deal with their decision's gravity – he will have a hard time being ignored. Having him reach out is not a sign that he wants to work on your relationship. You must resist the urge to call or respond to him – you must block his calls now.   

You can expect to battle with your ability to manage your emotions and behavior in the first few weeks – many women struggle with unpredictable behavior.  Going "No Contact" is beneficial to you because it allows you to disconnect and begin the healing process without wasting your time on an emotional roller coaster, crying, and hurting. Most importantly, it limits the chance that you will beg your Ex to reconcile.   

The most important thing you need to know is - It takes two to make a relationship work and just one to break up. The no contact rule will not revive your relationship. It will give you the clarity, time, and space required to heal your heart and move forward.    

It would be best if you did the work now to heal mentally and emotionally or not succeed in future relationships.  

But I need closure  

When relationships come to an end, one of the top things' partners desire is closure. There is a common misconception that closure comes from revisiting the past with an Ex and figuring out what went wrong. Doing this will cause further damage and heartache because your Ex cannot help you find closure. Closure comes from learning from past experiences and using those experiences to grow.    

Do not make an announcement.  

Announcing your initiation of the no contact rule will make you appear desperate to gain his attention. Men can see when women are reaching for attention. You are not hopeless, and appearing desperate is a turn-off. Do not make any announcements; your silence will speak loud enough.   

You don't have to call 

When you think about it, there isn't a need to continue interacting with your Ex (when you don't have children). Once the relationship is over, the only thing you have to do is work on yourself – your Ex cannot help you heal. Reaching out to him will result in awkward and uncomfortable conversations.   

Going no contact will be difficult enough without the added pressure of worrying about what your Ex will say if you fail.   

Setbacks are real  

It is not uncommon to have a setback or two when after implementing the no contact rule.  Having no contact with your Ex takes time, and it isn't easy. Most women report feeling disappointed with themselves after doing so well at the beginning of no contact and having a setback.  

Imagine if you called your Ex to announce that you will no longer contact them, and along your journey, you have a difficult day, and then the next thing you know, you are on the phone with your Ex.  

It's easy to move past a private setback, but it's painful to move past a setback you experience publicly.    

Ending No Contact  

No Contact does not have to last forever; however, it does have to last until you are completely healed. You cannot reach out to your Ex after the relationship ends.    

If you have to desire to establish a friendship with your Ex and wonder how long you must wait to reconcile and reconnect as friends – there isn't a timeline. You are ready to reconnect and have built a friendship with your Ex when you do not have any feelings for him.  You will know you are ready when you can see him with another woman, and you feel neutral – meaning you place him is the same category as you an old acquaintance.