The secret to manifesting your true love

You may be successful in every area of your life but when it comes to love you fail.  You look around and everyone is in a happy relationship, getting married, and having children, yet finding and attracting the right one is impossible for you.  You have no choice but to wonder if true love has already passed you by or if it even exists for you. Next you being to think what make everyone else so deserving of love and why have you been over looked. 

Manifesting true love is quite simple, but first you must believe you are deserving of a happy and healthy relationship and second you must trust that there is someone out there for you. 

The person you attract will not be perfect; as we all have areas for improvement, however they will be perfect for you. 

There may be things in the relationship that you aren’t in agreement with, but you must set realistic expectations and know that differences can be growth opportunities and a chance for you to learn something knew but they do not have to be deal breakers. 

The goal is to attract someone who will encourage, love, support and reciprocate love. 

How to attract them? 

To attract the right one, you must close your eyes and envision what true love looks like to you. Imagine how it makes you feel. Think about what their character will be like. Think about how the two of you will spend your time and the conversations you will have.  

The emotion you felt when you envisioned them in your mind is way you feel when they comes into your life, but you must have faith in the ability for God to bring them into your life. You may have had bad experiences in past relationships but you must not allow those experiences to poison your faith and become a road block to attracting the relationship you want. 

Believe in your heart that the love you envisioned exist and they are preparing to come into your life. The next step is to begin working on becoming the best version of you. Begin to self-reflect and think about the areas of your life where you could use some work and being to develop those areas. 

You must remember that a relationship takes two, reflect on the person you envisioned and elevate your career, finances, character and faith to a level equal to the quality of partner you are believing to manifest. 

Get over your unwillingness to change because if you are expecting the best you must become your best.