Understanding low self esteem in love and relationships

There are tons of things that get in the way of our dating life. Some of them include low self-esteem and fear. 
You could fear losing yourself in a relationship or you may believe that you are not worthy of a healthy and loving relationship. These thoughts exist in your subconscious mind and you aren't always able to recognize the problems they bring into your life. 
The best way to deal with negative thoughts is to start having a healthy and loving relationship with you. Then begin to develop strong relationships with close friends and family members. The simple process of getting comfortable with loving yourself and loving others will help you open up to the idea of love. 
Self-love is the beginning of everything; if you are unable to eliminate negative feelings within - you will have a desire to love, but you will be incapable of experiencing true love. 
Many people FAIL at love because they simply do not love themselves - this makes it impossible for them to give love to others.
If you are struggling with love low self-esteem, fear, and anxiety can be serious roadblocks, but you have the ability to control them by managing your thoughts. Get a deeper understanding of the things blocking you from expressing love, this is the first step with healing and achieving a healthy relationship with you. 
True love begins with loving you.