Fears Women Face and What You Can Do About Them

Even some of the most influential female figures we know have their fears. All in all, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. A little bit of fear is completely normal and occurs to us all. In fact, to some extent, fear helps you protect yourself from harm instinctively.

However, these fears can sometimes be an obstacle between you and your next step in life if left unattended. And not only in your career but also in your personal life. That is why, in this section, we will take a look at the list of fears that tend to cripple women most of the time and what you can do about them.

The Fear of Old Age

There is no denying; youth is beautiful, but so is aging. However, this concept takes a lot of time for most women to understand. Every woman has this fear that she will be old and grey. And looking into the mirror, she won't be able to recognize herself anymore.

Over the years, this fear has pushed most women to dabble into extreme measures to help them stay younger for an extended period. There is no amount of makeup that can make up for the weak and wrinkled skin. Therefore, this is always a constant reminder of their long-gone boisterous and youthful days that are currently just memories in their heads.

The good thing is that once you accept aging as a beautiful process and a natural part of life, then you will have a much easier time. With age comes wisdom that you can't find in young ladies. Also, aging is an inevitable process. So, if you spend your youthful years dreading it, you will only get to its gates faster than you imagined.

The Fear of Weight Gain

The one thing that every woman, young or old, fears is being plus size. Every girl wants to fit into that beautiful bodycon dress and immediately feel unstoppable. Therefore, it can be such a frightening fact if they gain weight and no longer see themselves as appealing in their partners' eyes.

That is why you will sometimes find women who can go to the extent of trading their weight for anorexia. Over the years, we have seen women willing to take extreme measures to stay in good shape. The best way to handle this fear is by understanding some of the red flags of anorexia and amenorrhea. That way, you won't have to feel too depressed whenever you add a few pounds.

The Anticipation of Rejection

Currently, more and more women are living alone. That's either due to divorce or the loss of a spouse. Most people think that the solution to this kind of social isolation is getting out there and making friends. Others even believe that now is the time to join some dating sites. In essence, there is nothing wrong with either of these options.

However, the first step to dealing with this kind of loneliness` is loving yourself first. Instead of beating yourself down because of something you can't control, focus on things that are within your means. For instance, you can focus on getting in shape, hobbies, or passions. Also, remind yourself that you can never control what others think of you from time to time. However, you can control how you feel about yourself.

And now that you have no one else in your life to worry about, you can be your compass. Ask yourself what if it takes for you to feel great. If there are certain things that you've been putting aside, now is your time to work on them. The irony of the matter is that; the more you work on yourself, the more everyone will want to be around you. Even better, when you are working on your passions, you will most likely meet people who will impact us positively. 

The Fear of Poverty

The fear of poverty might as well be the most destructive form of anxiety that affects women. Also, it is the most challenging kind of fear to master. There is no denying; no one doesn't like being comfortable and cozy in their zone. That is why most modern women desire to have a man capable of taking care of their needs, especially their material needs.

The one and best way to beat this kind of fear is clearly understanding poverty and richness. Also, finding ways to avoid the option of poverty in your life. Everyone has a set of skills they have. As a woman, you can find different platforms to offer this skill and build multiple income streams for your family.

The Fear of Success

This might be by far the most ironic point in this list. But yes, you read that, right! Success is one of the many things that women fear. Sometimes women live in the constant fear of being judged. Therefore, their natural reaction to it is keeping a low profile so that they are not too noticeable.

Women, in most cases, are afraid of the kind of attention they'd get once they climb up the ladder. While it's not all bad out there, this is something that most working women struggle with. Also, the higher the fear of success among women, the more women are discouraged from competing for specific achievements. And the worst part is; the most prominent critics against women are the women themselves.

If you engage in a conversation with people, you will often notice that. You will hear both women and men branding other women as braggers, especially regarding one's achievements. The easiest way to combat this kind of fear is by empowering more women to be proud of their accomplishments and encouraging more women to stop giving the men in their lives credits for things they accomplished independently.

In Summary

As we have seen from this article, everyone has specific fears they need to overcome. But the most important thing is learning how to conquer these fears. If staying positive doesn't seem to work out for you, you can focus your mind on something other than it.

That will help keep your mind distracted and keep your fears at bay. However, if you have a hard time beating them, you can always talk to a friend or make an appointment to get professional help from a counselor.