How Amazing Skin Improves Your Mental Health

Activities like reading a book, practicing yoga, taking a walk, or enjoying a movie at home with a glass of wine can be the ultimate form of Self-care. But did you know that your skincare routine can also be a form of an ultimate self-care ritual? Any act of taking care of yourself can be a great form of Selfcare - physically or mentally. Whether it's taking a long nap in the middle of the day or by taking a short coffee break at work – remember to take a brief pause from time to time to breathe and refocus on yourself for your mental and physical health. 

Your skincare routine should be something you look forward at the end of your day before going to bed or right at the start of your day before going to work. That short 10-15mins of sitting down alone in your bathroom or your vanity area while indulging and treating your skin could be a great time to focus solely on yourself and a great therapeutic process to help you look and feel your best. 

Doing skin care can also help you ease your stress and anxiety when you feel overwhelmed. Massaging your face with serums and moisturizers can help you relax. It doesn't matter if you choose fancy brands or not; it's the act of taking time for you that counts. Here are some simple steps that will make your skincare routine into a rewarding self-care ritual. 

Understand your skin first.


While it's the effort that counts, this first step should not be neglected. You don't go to a store and buy random skincare products. You have to know first your skin – what are your skin concerns? Is your dry skin? Oily Skin? Or Combination? Knowing and understanding your skin first is essential to reap a skincare routine's full benefits while pausing our mental health. 


Invest in skincare products that work

Now that we know our skin concerns, next up is the product we should use. Try doing your research first and check the product reviews before buying a product. There are a lot of brands that offer the same quality at different price points. Again, it doesn't matter if you choose a fancy brand or not; it's totally up to you. At this point, it's a matter and trial and error until you found "the one" that your skin will love.  

Give your skin some extra love and attention


To some, doing skincare could be an additional daily task. But once you make this a routine, it will not feel like a task but rather a moment for yourself to pause while taking care of your skin. Set a time for your skincare in the morning and at night; you'll see a significant improvement not by just your skin but also in your daily mood and productivity.  


Do your skincare while listening to soothing music or while lighting some scented candles.

This part is unnecessary, but it will make your skincare routine into a full self-care experience. Your skincare routine will make you feel good and refreshed. It will also help to listen to soothing music while doing it can give you happy hormones, which may improve your mood. The refreshed feeling calms the brain, which produces happy hormones, which improves your mood and may help you with your daily productivity. Again, when we feel good, we tend to do more and accomplish more tasks. 

Do the layering. 

You may be familiar with the word "layering" when doing skincare. This means adding multiple layers of skin products directly to your skin to get that youthful glow. Below are the steps and the following layers you can try.

First, cleanse your face with your facial wash.

Second, scrub using a facial scrub of your choice (optional)

Third, tone. 

Fourth, apply a skin essence or skin prep. (optional)

Fifth, apply your face serum. There are a lot of serums available – AHA, BHA, Vitamin C, etc. You should do your research first on which type of serum will work best for your skin.  

Sixth, apply your eye cream.

Seventh, finish off with your moisturizer and lip balm.

Your skincare at the beginning and end of each day provides mental stability, and a relaxing and soothing way to unwind will all the great reaping benefits for your skin. By committing and following a skincare plan of taking care of your body's largest organ (your skin) can improve your appearance and, most importantly, your well-being.   

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