Your Glow Up Self-Care Routine for 2021!

Another year is right up around the corner and that means it’s time to rejuvenate ourselves and take a complete reset. 2020 has been a tough year for most of us and this dumpster fire of a year will be put down into history. While the whole world is dealing with a pandemic, there’s something that just feel so good about leaving this year behind and that’s why all of us have been looking forward to start another year.  

I don’t know about you but have you ever been more ready for a year to be over? Because I am, and I’m ready to face another year with a stronger and better me. So, let’s start our year with a positive and high note by taking care of ourselves first as I share to you all a simple self-care glows up routine. 

So, what is “glow-up”? According to Urban Dictionary, the term glow up means “a mental, physical and emotional transformation” or, “when someone becomes really attractive after they hit puberty.” Basically, glow up is a sustaining and healthful time of self-care and beauty routines for both your inner and outer well-being. Since 2020 – is almost a full year of being just quarantined because of the pandemic, and it’s a year that doesn’t really feel that we have to do something for ourselves other than by just staying at home and be healthy.  So, I feel that the new year is the perfect time to reset our routines and refocus on our rejuvenation.  

There are a lot of ways to do your self-care but I put down some simple ways you can start with to help you glow up physically, mentally and most of all emotionally.  

Get a new Skin routine. 

Start your year by showing your skin some love. Take this time to know and understand more about your skin and give the TLC it deserves. While social distancing is the new normal for 2020, it may still be in the coming year, and you would ask why do you have to do this if you wouldn’t see anyone? Simply because “how you show up for yourself matters the most.”   

Meditate with Essential Oils. 

If you haven’t tried essential oils, I highly suggest you should. They can help you ease your stress and anxiety and even relaxes your mind and body. Meditation has been hugely beneficial not just for our bodies for our mental health as well. Find a meditation exercise routine that will work for you and set a time schedule for it. A simple and easy meditation to try out is the “Self-love and kindness meditation” which teach us to show compassion to ourselves and others. This self-care practice will help you clear your mind and give you peace. This will also train yourself to gather all your negative thoughts and emotions and simply acknowledge them and learn how to let them go. There are a lot of guided meditation courses and videos your kind find online. Choose which one you’re comfortable doing and stick with it for a few weeks or months.  

Eat Mindfully. 

 Amazon, Instacart and other E-commerce food app recently shows a huge number of online food orders this year. I hear you; we are all guilty. It’s is understandable that since quarantine we’ve been all binged eating our comfort food – definitely a great stress reliever last year. But this year is the perfect year to reset that eating habit. Eat mindfully, eat healthy and just enjoy your meal. Choose whole and fresh foods over your favorite pizza. Satisfy your sweet cravings with a healthy mixed berries smoothie. The best part of eating healthy and mindfully is that you will feel better inside and out.    

 Buy New Clothes

 When we are all brought to a standstill by the pandemic, we are all forced to do online shopping. And despite the fact that it is pandemic, the sales of consumer electronics, sporting goods, pet supplies, home goods and decors have all increased; there's even been a spike by 50% with the sales of cookies and 90% for food. But with clothing essentials, it has a huge draw back with sales as people doesn’t seem to see the relevance of buying new clothes last year. Of course, who needs new clothes when you can’t even go out?  

This year is the time to do so. Get yourself a new wardrobe and do some “wishful shopping. Shopping during this time can provide a sort-of wish fulfillment for our future selves, even if we have no idea what the future will look like. It’s okay to buy some clothes that will remind you of your plans that you will do when we get back to normal. Remember that It’s okay to do some clothes shopping as long as you don’t over spend.  

 I personally haven’t bought any new clothes for almost a year now – to some it’s the best thing happened this year because that simply means they get to save some money; they get to wear loungewear all day and ditch the uncomfortable stilettos. But to some who find dressing up and clothes shopping therapeutic it’s a different story.

Reorganize Your Space

New year means new beginnings, new environment. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move out to your current space but at least change or reorganize your environment. Do some deep cleaning and re-arrange your furniture's. A messy environment can drain someone’s energy so to better start the year right get rid of those massive pile of clutter that makes you anxious.    

Glowing up takes a lot of effort and time but as long as you stick with your goal and routine you will see a huge self-improvement. Remember to just enjoy the journey and do what makes your heart and soul happy.  

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