Hurt to Healed: The Ultimate Guide to Healing A Broken Heart

Hurt to Healed: The Ultimate Guide to Healing A Broken Heart

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Are you currently going through a difficult breakup?

We’ve all been there; however, not all of us have learned to heal. Push past your heartbreak and learn to live a happier life with the breakthrough class Hurt to Healed.

You might be feeling sad, vulnerable, or are even questioning your worth. Learn how to put yourself on the path to healing so you can come out happier on the other side. With Hurt to Healed, you can emerge whole, healed, and in control. Learn how to grieve the loss of your relationship in a way that helps you heal—not remain “stuck.” If you’re serious about moving on in a way that feels safe, wholesome, and natural, then this class is for you.


Here’s A Summary of the Lessons You Will Get:

Address it: let go of negative feelings and hurt: This lesson is the toughest but the most important to get through. Learn how to handle your pain so that you can heal and get on with life. In this lesson, we’ll explore both your good and bad memories before analyzing exactly how they relate to your breakup. 

Manage your emotions so that you can heal: Breakups are an opportunity to shed what is longer serving you. Learn how to use the critical side of the healing process to move through three emotional transitions. Set intentions using compassion, responsibility, and open-mindedness to experience post-breakup freedom again! 

 Was it Real Love or Something Else? Sometimes what we think was real love was only an intense passion. And getting over one or the other requires two different processes. Learn how to distinguish between real love and intense infatuation and shift into your inner power to make sense of your relationship and its end.  

Dealing with Negative Feelings and Emotions: Learn the different types of pain, grief, and anger and how you can effectively deal with each one. Finally, you can let go and find your first breaths of relief by overcoming your negative emotions to light a healthier path forward. 

Cut the cord to find your closure: What’s the secret to finding closure? Here’s what the love experts don’t want you to know! Learn the things no one tells you about sex with your Ex and how to master “No Contact” so you can take back your control. 

 Mastering Self-Love: Learn to make peace with your past to improve your self-esteem and discover an abundance of inner self-love. In our final lesson, you’ll learn how to make healthier decisions and live a happier life with a new outlook on love!