30-Day Self Care Journal

30-Day Self Care Journal

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In the time of #Ichoosemyself and #selflove movement, you have to love and prioritize yourself first more than others. This self-care journal is designed as a space for you to reflect on how mentally, emotionally, and physically strong woman you are and help you reach your full potential as you choose yourself to grow and move on each day.   

The guided 30-day self-care and self-discovery journal will help you chart and see your daily progress, identify your life patterns and get over with it, and encourage you to increase mindfulness and improve your overall well-being after a heartbreak whether from recent breakups, life and goal failures or more. The Heartbreak Clinic Self-Care Journal offers a space to commit yourself a self-care routine with intention and dedication – helping you develop and practice positive thinking, overcome challenges, and negative experiences.   

 This 30-day journal gives you a path to creating a habit of regular self-care that you can carry with you throughout your life. Start your self-care and self-love journey here.   


  • 53 pages of self-care and self-love journal  
  • Monthly Mood Tracker  
  • Vision Board Worksheet  
  • Weekly and Daily Reflection sheet 

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